Oklahoma Car Accident Personal Injury Attorneys

At Banks, Gillett & Gillett, we’re Oklahomans first and attorneys second. We understand the toll auto accidents can take both physically and financially. We will work with you every step of the way to relieve your stress and streamline the legal process – because we’ve been there. Let us use our experience as negotiators to get the financial compensation you deserve.


What We Do:

  • Use our extensive legal knowledge to advise our clients on the best available options.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to obtain fair/higher compensation. 
  • Minimize harassment from insurance companies and medical providers by directing all calls and letters to our office.
  • Minimize unnecessary medical expenses.

To prepare for our first meeting, we ask you bring:

  • Any insurance information you have regarding your policies or the policies of the at-fault party;
  • Police reports, citations, or case numbers associated with your accident;
  • Pictures or recordings from the accident; and
  • A list of medical providers you have already seen or intend to see as a result of this accident.

If you are unable to travel due to your auto accident injury, we will often make arrangements to travel to your location for a free evaluation and consultation.