Advocating for your child and developing an action plan to protect and ensure academic success and access to a cohesive learning environment can be difficult and time consuming.

Our education law attorneys advise, assist, and represent our clients to find reasonable solutions in school environments.



If you have a child with a disability, you most likely find yourself advocating for your child to receive services and accommodations to ensure academic success and access to the learning environment.  We always encourage parents to collaborate with teachers and administrators to improve the educational program and services for their child.  However, sometimes parents and educations are unable to reach a resolution and parents may seek legal representation to try to resolve the dispute and/or take legal action against the school.

In addition to advocating for you and your child by negotiating on your behalf with the school facilitating meetings, including IEP meetings with the school, reviewing school documents and IEP or 504 plans, and representing you in a due process or impartial hearing, an education law attorney can:

  • provide legal advice regarding your child’s rights;

  • analyze your child’s IEP or 504 plan from a legal prospective;

  • write letters to the school on your behalf;

  • prepare legal complaints and filings;

  • represent you as legal counsel in a lawsuit in state, federal, or administrative court;

  • represent you in mediation and settlement negotiations.

  • If you are struggling to reach a resolution for your child, call one of our education law attorneys today to schedule a consultation.



School bullying may be defined as repeated instances of harassment, intimidation, violence, or threats of violence from one student to another at school.  This can include both physical acts of violence as well as mentally or emotionally abusive speech.  In some cases, bullying occurs from one student to another, but in some cases, several students can “gang up” on one victim.

As parents, we always put the safety and well-being of our children first.  If your child is being bullied, advocating for your child includes

  • Listening to your child

  • Notifying the school of the incident(s)

  • Meet with school officials regarding the incident

  • Seek legal advice from an attorney

If a school or district has not provided a reasonable solution, bullying victims and their families can pursue legal action against the school and or district for failing to take appropriate action to prevent bullying.

If you believe your child’s school has been negligent in its duty to provide a safe environment, leading to serious instances of bullying, you may want to consult with one of our education law attorneys.